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Open letter to our customers from our Italian Ceramics Supplier

Dear Tuscan Decor Customers:

We have recently learned that several Chinese manufacturers have shamelessly copied and knocked off in China, selected Italian ceramics products originally designed and manufactured by us in our Italian workshops.

Obviously, we feel awful about this, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do
to prevent the Chinese from shipping these counterfeits back to the United States market.

At the same time, we feel flattered by the fact that our products have reached such a privileged class valued enough to be worth of being “copied” and knocked off in such a large scale!
After all this “status” was customarily reserved for prized international brands such as Gucci®, Luis Vuitton®, Nike® etc….

We have recently had the opportunity to take a close look at this counterfeited products, and frankly in spite of the Chinese manufacturer's effort to give them an “Italian” or “Tuscan” feel, we can definitely assure you that they definitely still look “Chinese”!

Learn how to identify a knockoff majolica piece:
Frankly anyone with a little of sense for good quality Italian ceramics will be able to immediately identify any of these Chinese knockoffs from far away… In any event here some hints for you:

- First, the most obvious characteristic of forgery is within the design of the pattern itself:
Colors are kind of faded, and painting is shoddy (almost childish) to say the least.  Many details are from decals, not hand painted, and most of them feature the typical Chinese crackle glazing in a subtle tone of gray.

Second, these ceramic products are NOT made from hand thrown clay like ceramics manufactured in the best Italian tradition, but are made of white synthetic liquid clay poured into a mold. The result is a lightweight, paper-thin vessel, with undefined handles and a surface texture way too smooth to resemble an original hand-made and hand-thrown clay product.

Third, the look of every Chinese made product is glossy, the colors are flat, and the appearance is nothing close to the genuine and hand-applied “Old World” look of an authentic Italian ceramic piece!

Furthermore, remember that EVERY single genuine product is clearly marked "Made in Italy”. Most of the time, this marking is under the glaze and therefore indelible.

We just wanted to inform all of our customers, that it was our decision not to fight the Chinese production of these knockoffs of our products, as we all know that China steals everybody's manufacturing, copies products worldwide, and puts people out of work.
racking down the source of fakes is big business for private detectives in China but few lawsuits are successful.
We have opted instead to continue concentrating our efforts in further developing our collections, as well as researching for new and better products that we can proudly supply to our customers as we have done since the inception of our company.

We would like to thank all of you for your appreciation and commitment to high quality and genuine products.


Marco Margaritelli,

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