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Tuscan Living Room Style: Get Inspired by "Wrought Iron and Romantic Red Accents"

By Diane Hendrickson

Decorating a Tuscan style living room is easy when you follow our helpful tips. Our design team has selected pictures of beautiful Tuscan style living rooms. Follow along while we discuss the Tuscan elements of each room. Make a list of items you have, items you need, and things you need to change. Follow the designer's "Hit List" picks for products that will work within the style of each room, and you'll know exactly where to begin. Check back often because we'll be adding more Tuscan living room pictures and decorating tips regularly.

Tuscan Style Living Room Decor

Bring your living room to life...in Tuscan style.

See the design team's "Hit List" for this room.


Wall Colors & Flooring Tips

Living Room Ceiling: Add drama with dark wood accents.

Wow! Check out the dramatic high ceilings complete with rustic wooden beams. This is a common architectural feature seen in modern Tuscan homes, and is a carryover from the traditional Tuscan farmhouse. Wanna reproduce this look in a living room that does not already have them? Use lumber and trim stained to just the right hue, and attach the "faux" beams to your ceiling at strategic locations. We'll have more on this later as a DIY project.

Tuscan Walls: Latte, anyone?

These walls are painted in a light tan-ish "coffee with milk" color, which looks fantastic with the rich wood tones of the floor and furniture, and takes on an amber glow in areas from the lighting. From here we can't tell if there is a finish, but certainly a "knockdown" or Venetian plaster type finish would work well here. Can't decide on a wall color?

Design Tip: Our "go-to" wall color is Sherwin Williams "Latte".)

Tuscan Area Rug for Living Room Style
Noor Jahan Red & Wheat Rug

Tuscan Flooring: Warm wood underfoot, accent rugs cordially invited.

This Tuscan style room features rich wood tones in the form of hardwood flooring. The area rugs excite with a vivid pop of red and gold, warm up the space, and delineate the conversation areas from the traffic areas. Not changing your floors? Then add accent rugs to cover or complement existing flooring.

Tuscan Furniture IdeasTuscan Furniture: Go for neutral hues and a "pop" of poppy.

The loveseats and armchairs of this living room are in neutral shades of grey-green and tans which provides opportunities for excitement in accessorizing. A neutral base piece also means you have options. Boredom is never a problem. Getting tired of the same old thing? Simply swap out those accessories for something more enticing. In this room, the shorter armchairs in a red/gold pattern add warmth to the intimate conversation area in the rear. They also reflect the red hues from the accent rug and pillows in the front. This unifies the look and gives the room a more balanced appearance.

Merlot Accent Chair

Merlot Vintage Accent Chair

Match those wood tones, please.

Maintain a cohesive look in your Tuscan living room by using wooden furniture with the same stain shade. See how the coffee table, chair trim, accent tables and artwork frames all share the same color finish?

Positively pleasing furniture
placement? Priceless.

This living room employs logical seating arrangements designed for optimal conversation. No shouting required. Placement is creative, no "spin cycle" with furniture pushed ridiculously against the walls. Follow this room's example. Anchor seating comfortably with accent rugs, allow ample room around the conversation areas for traffic to flow in a fluid path, and ensure each seat has easy access to a table. Tuscan art

Tuscan Art Wall Decor for the Tuscan Style Living Room
Thisbe "The Listener"

Got Art? Mix it up, a'am! (or Mr.)

This Tuscan living room is home to various sizes of Tuscan artwork, in horizontal and vertical configurations, depending on location. See how the long piece is hung above the vertical console buffet table? The pair of smaller pieces reside in the intimate seating area to the rear. A horizontal piece hangs at the top of the staircase, in juxtaposition to a taller arrangement with a mirror. Alternating the size and shapes of artwork keeps the look interesting, and although each piece is different...one is a portrait, others appear to be landscape art, they all offer a hint of the red accent color.

Tuscan Accessories

Speak softly and carry a big candlestick...

This room utilizes romantic candle arrangements in a couple of areas. The candlestick trio in rustic iron or wood is the perfect way to add height to a shorter coffee table.

Fluffy Tuscan pillows make us happy.

Vibrant red accent pillows add that pop of color in just the right shade to coordinate with the accent rug, armchairs, and artwork.

Tuscan Pillow in Red & Green Wool Paisley
Zoe Red & Green Wool Paisley Pillow

Wrought iron rules!

This room features a glorious custom wrought iron railing to frame the curving staircase. If you don't happen to have one of these in your living room, then simply add a touch of iron to your walls as a grate or gate, as room dividers or doors, or even as part of furniture pieces like the legs and doors. Candlesticks and sconces often are available in wrought iron, and add just a specially scrolled flair to any space.

Go green... with Tuscan floral arrangements.

Don't forget the greenery & floral arrangements to add life to the Tuscan living room. Whether live or silk, plants are beautiful, and bring nature indoors in classic Tuscan style. This living room features a large floral arrangement in the niche opening toward the top of the staircase. Perfect!


Lighten up!

We definitely saved one of the best tips for last. A Tuscan living room is certainly not complete until the lighting is just right. Think romantic, but brighter. The lighting should shape the mood, but must be adequate for practical use. We don't want our guests bumping into each other!

Tuscan Chandelier
Livex Lighting Iron & Crystal Crackled Bronze Eighteen Light Chandelier

Purposeful lighting is sure to please.

Keep in mind the different types of lighting, and use them in the appropriate places. See the wall sconces on the back walls? Those add symmetry and elegance to the room. There is a torchiere floor lamp that beams light upward. A perfect pair of lamps on the buffet table serve double duty to illuminate the artwork above as well as the table below. And let's not forget the magnificent pair of wrought iron and crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Do they make the perfect Italian statement or what? Exquisite!


Tuscan Living Room 1 Review by: Diane Hendrickson, Tuscan Decor Founder & Tuscan Decorating expert